‘The Cosmic Game’, by Dr. Stanislov Grof

I have been privileged with coming across this individual, and have listened to a number of his talks recently (I seem to be doing that a lot right now). His perspectives have aligned with what I have found independently in my own research and experiences, and I have found correlation to always be a good […]


Robert Anton Wilson on Quantum Mechanics, Belief Systems

A few talks by Robert Anton Wilson on the implications of Quantum Mechanics, and how to not buy into anyone else’s ‘BS’ (Belief System), including your own. A wonderful individual, both in his capacity to convey seemingly complex ideas to something concise, and in his ability to think outside of the metaphorical ‘box’. “Don’t believe […]


Gabor Maté: The Mind/Body Unity and the Stress-Disease Connection

Another inspiring individual that I recently came across. All his works are recommended, however this particular talk highlights the psychosomatic nature of dis-ease, and how the emotional/belief states of an individual translate into the body given enough ‘time’. He is one of many doing ‘the work’ in order to bring an expanded paradigm of the […]


The IntelligentInfinity ‘Metaphysical Forum’ is Now Officially Live

Hello readers, This has been a long time coming, and after much deliberation I am pleased to announce the IntelligentInfinity ‘Metaphysical/Spiritual Forums’ are now officially live! We had been open privately prior to this for testing, and believe is now time to enable the platform to a wider audience. Please do join us – I look […]


A Parallel Reality Documentary: The Story of 5 Interdimensional Travellers

Came across this little nugget of a documentary a short while ago. It details the story of 5 individuals on very different paths and circumstances, yet through self inquiry and a willingness to see beyond societal conditioning arrived at very similar ‘truths’. A recommended and inspiring watch. About “At some point, we all ask ourselves […]


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